welcome to the struggle.

my dog died today.


If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself

“What the heck is this, and why is she doing it, and who the eff cares?”

This is for you:

Why blogs are awesome.

So I didn’t properly get to the point in that first post.

Basically, I’m a twenty-year old girl, in her third year(but still technically a sophomore) at a University on the west coast of Florida.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life…

but I’m okay with that, for now.

I just need an outlet of some sort to get all my thoughts out there. I’m terrible when it comes to sentence structure, I like to use big words, but most of the time can’t spell them, so don’t think I’m going to be spewing out witty paragraphs with descriptive words and creating pictures in your mind with my beautiful language. Ha. 

This is basically just me, figuring out what to do, and documenting my struggles along the way.

It might not be pretty, or glamorous all the time, but that’s okay.


I’m not good at clever titles…

I am broke.

 And not in an 

“I just went on an unexpected shopping spree and spent my monthly allowance” way

 or even in an 

“Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have just spent all my money on a marc jacobs purse (hey, it happens) way.

I am broke in an 

” I work full time between two jobs and still barely just make rent” kind of way.


Welcome to the struggle.